The Joy of Tailor Made Suits in Bangkok

Fashion Galleria Bangkok offers true bespoke tailoring experience at competitive pricing in Bangkok. Our tailoring services are imbibed with the experience and expertise of our skilled tailors, who understands the requirements and preferences of our customers and modern fashion trends accurately.

Custom Tailor Suits Starts from 10,000 THB

Why Fashion Galleria

Our years of experience in Bangkok, exclusive craftsmanship of our tailors, personalised tailoring services, unmatched customer services, and competitive pricing, makes for enough reasons to choose us.

Come to visit our tailor shop in Bangkok today!

Bespoke With Love

Each and every order is treated as a gift of trust from our customers, and we aim to please. Our passion and love for the art of tailoring are visible in the products we deliver, right down to every single stitch.

Made To Measure

Every order is crafted using the latest tailoring techniques in conjunction with our traditional methods to ensure every order carries legacy and heritage of Fashion Galleria.

Modern Tailoring

Our tailor shop has evolved over the years, and while we have a thorough understanding of fashion of yesterday, our present-day craft is tuned around modern couture preferences, ensuring our products stand out in the crowd.



Brands we work with

A Price at Your Reach:

Crafting a tailored bespoke suit is not easy, as it requires skill, experience, the best fabrics and creativity, but it is neither an excuse to bill a small fortune. We understand this very well at Fashion Galleria Bangkok, that’s why we put the genius and talent of our best bespoke tailors at your disposal for a very reasonable price.

We believe in delivering value at a fair price, and that’s why we are willing to craft an exquisite bespoke garment or suit for a good price.