Frequently Asked Questions

Common Inquiries, Clear Answers
What is bespoke tailoring? + -

Bespoke tailoring is a highly personalized tailoring service where every garment is meticulously crafted to your unique measurements and style preferences. It offers a level of customization and fit that off-the-rack clothing cannot match.

How many Trail/Fitting Sessions required? + -

We mostly ask for only two fitting/trial sessions to ensure customers get the perfect fit.

How long does the tailoring process take? + -

The tailoring time can vary based on the complexity of the garment and our current workload. Generally, it takes around 2-3 weeks for our standard service. However, we offer expedited options for quicker delivery.

What is starting price of Jackets & Trousers + -

The price range varies depending on the customers’ preferences, styling requirements, size and the fabric chosen.

However, the base price starts as follows –

  1. Jacket and Trouser – Base price starts from 8,000 Baht onwards. Delivery time is two
  2. Full Suit – Base price starts from 8,000 Baht onwards. Delivery time is two
  3. Shirt – Base price starts from 2,000 Baht onwards. Delivery time is one
  4. Custom made Jacket – Base price starts from 6,000 onwards. Delivery time is two
Can I choose my own fabric? + -

Yes, you can select the fabric for your garments from our extensive collection. We offer a wide range of premium materials, including wool, silk, linen, and more.

What is the difference between bespoke and made-to-measure tailoring? + -

Bespoke tailoring involves creating a unique pattern for each individual customer, resulting in a one-of-a-kind garment. Made-to-measure tailoring, while still customized, uses pre-existing patterns and requires fewer measurements.

Do you offer alterations for existing clothing? + -

Yes, we provide alteration services to ensure your existing garments fit perfectly. Our skilled tailors can make adjustments to suits, dresses, and other clothing items.

Can I book an appointment for a consultation? + -

Absolutely! We encourage you to schedule an appointment for a personalized consultation. This allows us to understand your style preferences and measurements better.

What payment methods do you accept? + -

We accept cash, credit cards, and other electronic payment methods. Payment details will be discussed during the order placement process.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the final product? + -

Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you're not completely satisfied with the final garment, we will work with you to make necessary alterations until it meets your expectations.

Do you offer international shipping? + -

Yes, we offer international shipping for our bespoke garments. Additional shipping charges may apply, depending on the destination.

Are appointments necessary for fittings? + -

Yes, appointments for fittings are recommended to ensure our tailors are available to provide you with the best possible service. However, we can accommodate walk-ins based on availability.

How much do you charge for delivery in Bangkok? + -

We do not charge anything for delivery within the city of Bangkok. Please just let us know where you want the delivery, and we would be glad to send you the product there.