Fashion Galleria – Custom Bespoke Tailor in Bangkok

“We rise to fame as the Master of Custom Tailoring began during early year 1994 when we inaugurated under name “ HongKong Designer” at River City Bangkok. We had the fortune to prosper sufficiently to move to grander new shop in early August 1999 with a new name “FASHION GALLERIA”

Fully expressing elegance and quality is our ethic. The desire to do better and a certain passion that we never lacked. Quality is a matter of perception.

Today we sculpt our suits and shirts much more precisely as tastes have also become bolder after a relatively subdued decade in the 1990’s. We comprehend that clothes do not make a man a gentleman; and , by the same token, a real gentleman is always a gentleman. But, Clothes are the visiting card of a personality and should therefore be chosen to match it. We Fashion Galleria assists to offer proper style of attire for a gentleman for our suit will live in harmony with wearer. Suits for gentlemen aspiring for his-fashion elegance. Make style your signature. timeless elegance.

Our loyal clientele reinforces our commitment toward excellence and inspires us to continue on our quest to exceed expectations. Even thought we have been established so many years, we are still a young firm inasmuch as we are willing to learn at all times and anxious to keep our goods and our services up to date.

A relatively modest four hundred bespoke suits and two thousand five hundred shirts are crafted per annum. “No personal luxury provides such sublime elegance and comfort like a bespoke suit and shirt.

Superior craftsmanship is our passion; superior service is our promise to you.”