How to Protect your Bespoke Suit : Guide

Purchasing a bespoke suit is an investment, so we need to take care of our suits very well. This is vital with a specific end goal to protect their appearance and increase their life expectancy.

The primary thing to know is that when you first begin to wear a bespoke suit it will start to settle in and you’ll get a good feel for the fit. It’s worth remembering that bespoke apparel varies from ready to wear, in as much as the suit shape will create as it’s broken in.


We recommend to dry clean your suits as once in a while because the chemicals utilized during the process of dry cleaning extract out the natural oils found in the wool. This harms the cloth and thus shortens the life of the suit. Ideally, a suit should be dry cleaned close to two times every year except if all the more cleaning is required at that point recall a good cleaner to ‘spot clean’ any dirty patches or areas.

Consistent ironing of your suit is fine, expelling wrinkles and bring shape again into the clothes. While choosing a dry cleaner it is worth spending somewhat more and going to one familiar with managing bespoke suits.


A suit should be brushed in routine, much like human hair, to guarantee it looks awesome. And in addition expelling residue, dust and food particles, brushing redistributes the common oils in the fabric strands which will prolong the life of your suit. We suggest you brush your suit after each wear and utilize a high quality and clean brush.


Try not to wear the same suit every day! Over utilisation shortens the life of your suit, wearing it out too rapidly. Allow your suit to rest and breath in the middle of wear, exchanging it with other attire will build its life expectancy.