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The technicalities of tailoring take a back seat when the tailor is passionate about what he does, and we enjoy what we do. Our passion for tailoring is reflected in the services we provide and the huge clientele we have earned through years of styling clients from across the globe.

Tailoring is an art and hand tailored clothing are incomparable to pick-and-wear apparels available in the market. The difference is noticed in how each and every inch of tailored piece of clothing fits on you, complements your body, and adds panache to your personality.

Every order before being delivered goes through a series of quality checks to ensure all aspects of clothing, starting from stitching to fitting and finishing is perfect. At Fashion Galleria, we have evolved through the ages, and respect the traditions in our work culture and ethics, while modernizing our craftsmanship and professional style.

It is the ethos of our niche that helps us stay updated with the latest trends, styles and fashion sense. At Fashion Galleria, we provide bespoke tailoring services and our tailor’s art meet your personal style to create an end product that we make sure is worth every penny.

15 years on the market

We aim to make your experience with us a truly delightful one, and the end products we deliver are sure to bring a smile on your face. Exceeding the expectations of the customers is a common standard at Fashion Galleria. The exclusivity oozes out of all the aspects of our tailoring services, starting from choosing the right fabric, measurement sessions, personal consulting, trial sessions, product creation and delivery.

Vast experience

1000+ clients have connected from Thailand as well as from Europe. Come to Fashion Galleria to experience fashion personalised for you like never before.

We value every customer

We’re always ready to help you. Just contact us and we will put our best tailors in Bangkok at your service.

Our Team

We have 15+ experience tailor in our Team.

Shoun P
Director, Fashion Galleria

Andy M
Sr. Tailor, Fashion Galleria

Tina S
Fashion Designer, Fashion Galleria

Mike R
Sr. Tailor, Fashion Galleria

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